• Verde Slaný

    Verde Slaný is an exceptional project in the town of Slaný, 27 km northwest of Prague. Its construction started at the end of 2022. On the site of a historic cotton factory from the early 20th century. 

  • Na Malé Růži

    The Na Malé Růži project can be found in Drahelčice, just 10 minutes west of Prague.

  • Viladům Borovského

    The residential project Viladům Borovského is located in the royal city of Slaný, just 35 minutes from the Prague metro station Nádraží Veleslavín. Project was completed in 2021. 

  • 1st Phase Verde Slaný

    The project "1st Phase Verde Slaný" is construction directly in the area of ​​the historic cotton factory in the Royal City of Slaný.

  • Byty Borovského - in the preparation

    The project "Byty Borovského" follows on the construction of "Viladům Borovský" and consist of 24 residential units in eight adjacent houses.

  • 6th phase Na Malé Růži - sales launched in March 2024

    In 2012, we started construction of the first stage of the Na Malé Růži residential project in the village of Drahelčice u Rudné. After the successful completion of the 4th and 5th stages, we are now starting the sale of the 6th stage of this project. Here you will find a number of progressive technologies such as heat pumps, full central recuperation, preparation for photovoltaics and preparation for external blinds, underfloor heating, triple glazing, which places the houses in an extremely energy-efficient class A or energy class B.

F&S Invest a.s. is a group of companies engaged in development projects aimed at satisfying customers looking for residential housing near Prague.

Our vision
Our main goal is the implementation of residential projects that are in harmony with the living and social environment. We place particular emphasis on affordable but high-quality housing.

In 2012, we started the construction of the 1st phase of the Na Malé Růži residential project. We are currently preparing the 6th phase of this successful project and more will follow. Our second project is Viladům Borovského, which is a pilot construction of the Verde Slaný residential complex.